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At the platform of CLU, multiple students find their rightful path to pursue their career further. We conducted interviews with some of our students after graduating from California Lake University.

Michelle Stuart, when she enrolled at our university she was already a mother of three kids and the eldest in her family. She got married in her very teenage due to societal pressure and pursuing a formal education was considered sinful for a woman at that time. Michelle had to face obstacles in order to complete her education independently, along with three kids and it was hard to give them the required attention that they deserved from their mother. In all wrongful world, she got supported husband who motivated her in every step she took. At the time when she was dealing with the rejection of her family members in order to pursue her education, her husband constantly supported her and motivated her to do MBA as well after completing her bachelor's.

After her completion of an MBA online in marketing from CLU in 2017, her husband got severely ill. She had to stop applying for jobs and started taking care of her husband 24/7 along with giving attention to her kids.

It was really difficult for her to return to the workforce because technology moves so fast and we are living in a digital era. She didn’t know how to get fit in the recent job market and employers looking for what new skills in employees. She contacted our faculty members through the university’s helpline portal in order to get guidance that what are new skills required in the current job market and how to learn them while sitting at home? Faculty helped her a lot and gave her suggestion to get enroll in some of the new courses which are being offered in our university and learn new skills in order to stand out competent among the job market.

Now she is a senior executive in promotional marketing in one of the great multinational companies and making our university proud and uplifting others get educated through online university while sitting at home peacefully. Online university’s main target is to ease education by not investing time into traveling.


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