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California Lake University is one of the topmost university which offers in-demand distance learning and accredited programs from undergraduate to doctorate. Our professionally experienced faculty members, with their unique teaching style, deliver the best knowledge to students in their related educational fields.

Professional Schools -
Online Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programs

Social Services

California Lake University offers specific Social Service to its students with a specialization in Human Service.

Criminal Justice

California Lake University believes in making the world a better place by providing a justice system. We appreciate student's will to make a powerful impact through making a contribution by their end towards social welfare.

Law & Legal Studies

CLU provides specialization in the school of law and legal studies in areas of legal theory and sciences. We provide an academic curriculum to our students and make them professionals by practice and action including legal theory.


Engineering is the pioneer of innovation and technological development. CLU promises to make the next generation futuristic and innovative through their contribution to education.


CLU beliefs in each of its students and committed to enriching their career by making them professional psychologists. Here, students will be provided with beneficial research and coursework.

Applied Arts

Each student carries different talents in them. CLU tap the inner skills of students so they can creatively pursue their careers. CLU recognizes the true potential of its students and encourages them.

Natural Sciences

CLU encourages students who want to pursue their career in natural sciences and provoke them to explore more about this field by doing multiple research which can be helpful for nature.

Computer Sciences

CLU is equipped with professional faculty members who teach students new methods of technology which are required in the respective field of computer science and allow them to learn a wide range of computer skills.

Health Sciences

CLU provides outstanding teaching on scientific research based on health sciences and making students improve health sector by contributing to this field.

Business & Management

The School of Business and Management offer majors relevant to the business and entrepreneurship including Marketing, Accounting, and Strategy etc. that allow students to prepare for the challenges of the future business market.


The CLU school of education is being designed by highly keeping in mind the quality of education and all-inclusive educational system around the world. Our professional faculty members are being aware to deliver essential and updated knowledge to students.

Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences has a spate reputation for its delivered education in every aspect of society’s matters and CLU is constantly working on developing quality life not just for an individual but for the society as a whole.

Occupational Safety &
Fire Sciences

CLU offers multiple online courses related to safety and hazards with technical skills and knowledge that how to rescue from these kinds of unintended situations.


CLU encourage students who want to pursue their career in music and theater. We allow them to discover their area of expertise and polish their talent and excel more.

Political Sciences & Public

The School of Political Sciences and Public Administration delivers the creative strategies and the acumen that is required in politics and delivers the finest skills that will support students to become competent future leaders.


The School of Nursing will provide you the best knowledge and necessary skills that helps students grow and excel in the field of nursing. CLU prepares you for the future as there are excellent employment opportunities after the completion of your nursing program.