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Striving to provide relevant Social Services skills to the students with a unique teaching style

Progressing in the digital era with a critically designed curriculum to equip our students with the best knowledge and expertise
School of Social Services

The School of Social Services of California Lake University offers the highest level of education and prepares students to prove themselves in their professional field. We are thrilled and energetic towards providing the best knowledge and services to our students. We support them in every possible way so that they can make a significant difference and provide something better from their side to the world to make people’s life easier and better. At California Lake University, students will be facilitated with the quality education and advanced curriculum which has been designed by its professional faculty members.

  • 01 Major
  • 1 Course At A Time
  • 24/7 Tech Support
Certificate Programs
  • Graduate Certificate in Social Services
  • Graduate Course Certificate in Social Services
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Social Services
  • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Social Services
Diploma Programs
  • Graduate Diploma in Social Services
  • Undergraduate Diploma in Social Services

The curriculum of various study programs at CLU has been designed to support students to meet their educational and professional goals faster than ever. These programs provide and acknowledge students with the current information, skills, and strategic techniques that are highly required by employers.

Degree Programs
  • Associate Degree (ASSE) in Social Services
  • Associate to Bachelor's Degree (ABSSE) in Social Services
  • Bachelor's Degree (BSSE) in Social Services
  • Master's Degree (MSSE) in Social Services

Majors Offered By School of Social Services

Career Opportunities

A degree is just a piece of paper if a person doesn’t have essential and effective skills that employers need in a potential candidate. CLU provides job-relevant knowledge and skills keeping in mind the current job market and prepares students accordingly. Furthermore, students gain practical experience at CLU by doing projects relevant to their school and the majors they have selected. It helps in building strong knowledge on how economics works, managing new and old projects while upgrading them according to the innovations keeping customer demand and satisfaction before stepping into the job market.

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CLU has gained enough recognition for its research publications. We provide financial and moral support to our students so that they can bring impactful solutions to the problems the world is dealing with. We receive funds on annual basis through various sponsors, employers, and alumni in order to maintain research work and keep students motivated.

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