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California Lake University aiming to educate each and every student who holds a passion for education and wants to bring improvement and betterment in their lives through academia. Being an internationally accredited university, CLU has a reputable recognition throughout the world and the professional faculty members are meeting all the required standards while delivering education to the students.

CLU is allowing its students to become a part of the Mastercard foundation program and avail their scholarships for the entire period of their education. This scholarship is a partnership of CLU with Mastercard foundation for preparing students to bring extraordinary changes through their skills and mindset in their communities, societies and regions.

This scholarship has a different criterion to apply and students have to attend a series of workshops, courses and fieldwork in addition to the courses for their degree. Mastercard Foundation degree is open for every community’s students and students who will get this scholarship have to promise to provide education to their community back and lead it on the right path.


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