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It is vital to empower women if you desire to become a country that experiences economic growth faster than ever. Women are the key to success for any country and have been proved by developed countries. The moment women are involved in the professional front, it poses a very positive image of the country's as well impacts the economy as well. Women's involment helps in improving the quality of life by placing their contribution to the table

By keeping in mind all these factors, California Lake University is offering GCC Women’s Empowerment Scholarship in order to support and motivate women and encouraging them to go forward and pursue their goals in the field of interest without worrying about money.

Committed to following principles of diversity and promising to enhance the leadership skills of women, CLU is aspiring leaders with tuition assistance, instructional materials, living accommodation and meals. To apply for the GCC Women’s Empowerment Scholarship, you need to fill a form and submit an approved letter from your concerned faculty member and advisor. Overall 250 students will be selected and the winners will experience long-term success through this scholarship program.


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