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In a pandemic, it becomes very hard for some universities to teach their students online due to having no skill or training that how to teach students online without facing any obstacle and how to resolve queries on the digital platform.

As our faculty is already an expert in delivering lectures on digital platforms and solving student’s queries by just using the whiteboard. They are our producer, director, scriptwriter on the creative level, professors in their specialized field, and content creator altogether. And even sometimes makeup artists too. They know how to reset their microphone and how to adjust direct vision of their board or tablet to the camera so that students can easily be taught and be learned.

According to the results of a recent research survey, California Lake University highly considers its quality in education and serving it non-traditionally for a long time now by taking the support of digital platforms. Speaking of survey results, students are satisfied with their education at California Lake University and the majority of them returned here for pursuing their education further.

But the question still arises among people that how our faculty members are capable of engage-in person and tackle online students at the same time? Answer to those, we gave training to our faculty members before giving them the responsibility to teach students online. Even before hiring them at California Lake University, we conducted tests based on techniques of teaching students online. Whoever passed those tests and made a lasting impression on board in an interview, got a chance to become a faculty at California Lake University. We made slots of different hours for students and arranged a separate chat helpline box and equipped student support staff to help them 24/7.


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